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TwoDot: Celebrating the vast spaces and rich culture of the American West for more than twenty years!

Named for the tiny Montana town of TwoDot and iconic two-dot brand where it got its name, where cattle still outnumber residents, TwoDot Books is dedicated to revealing the big stories that shaped the history of the West and sharing the smaller stories that provided its color and texture and have taken this vast region into the future. The best source of lively, entertaining books that tell untold or little-known stories from Western history and celebrate the unique or iconic characteristics of the American West, from profiles of remarkable people and cultures, to the folklore that is part of the myth of the Wild West and the wild and mysterious true stories from history, the stories we tell are part of the great patchwork of the vast landscape west of the Mississippi. From Texas to Washington and North Dakota to Arizona, from the Cowgirl’s Cookbook to Thunder Over the Prairie and from Object: Matrimony to They Call Me Doc, these books reveal the stories of the men and women who came West in the past and shaped its future. The mail order brides who answered advertisements for a new life and the iconic characters of events in Dodge City and at the OK Corral are all part of the vast story of American that fascinates readers across the country and around the world.